COVID-19 and Real Estate brokerage

Announcements to ease lockdown measures

In the current context of the partial relaxation of part of the health rules imposed by the Government of Quebec in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, certain measures affecting the practice of real estate brokerage were recently announced:

  •  Travel restrictions between Quebec and Ontario are removed;
  • The premises of real estate agencies can reopen in regions in the green zone. However, remote work (teleworking) remains recommended where possible;
  • According to the new rules issued by the CNESST, the continuous wearing of medical masks in workplaces is no longer mandatory, but recommended. However, workers must continue to respect the physical distance of 2 meters, the use of a physical barrier (plexiglass panel) or the wearing of a mask when interacting within 2 meters.

Finally, please note that the Coronavirus Best Practices Guide has been updated accordingly. 

*source OACIQ