Living in the Outaouais

The Benefits of Living in the Outaouais

The current situation in the real estate sector at the national level does not differ in the Outaouais region. Find a property in the Outaouais.

Several factors are more favourable to the Outaouais region;

  • a relatively low rate of municipal taxation;
  • new residential developments that are close to city centres;
  • lots are generally larger and more densely wooded in the Outaouais;
  • opportunity for couples with young children to benefit from quality low-cost childcare;
  • diversity and proximity of businesses;
  • accessibility to sports facilities;
  • school systems and high-quality health care, offered in French and English;
  • a flourishing economy.

Some factors related to quality of life may also be considered:

  • proximity to Gatineau Park, rivers and lakes;
  • many golf courses;
  • extraordinary bike paths;
  • fantastic landscapes.